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PbP Genesis NFT's

The PbP Genesis NFT is a community token for some of our most enthusiastic fans. 

Below is some information on how to go from creating an ETH address and where to claim your PbP Genesis NFT (while quantities last)
The PbP Genesis NFT was created as a token of appreciation for those in the Marbles on Stream community and is being minted for FREE. This collection will have 1000 total minted Genesis NFT's. There will be an Outer property that will be 1/10 Possible colors and there will be a Inner Property that will be 1/3 Possible colors.

Thank you from all of us at Pixel by Pixel Studios!

*As there are a limited amount of NFT's in this collection there is a possibility you may not receive one. We are processing these submissions on a first come/first served basis.
  • Orange Iron - 60
  • Orange Gold - 30
  • Orange Diamond - 10
  • Pink Iron - 60
  • Pink Gold - 30
  • Pink Diamond - 10
  • Yellow Iron - 60
  • Yellow Gold - 30
  • Yellow Diamond - 10
  • Gold Iron - 60
  • Gold Gold - 30
  • Gold Diamond - 10
  • Diamond Iron - 60
  • Diamond Gold - 30
  • Diamond Diamond - 10
The PbP Genesis NFT breakdown!
  • Red Iron - 60
  • Red Gold - 30
  • Red Diamond - 10
  • Blue Iron - 60
  • Blue Gold - 30
  • Blue Diamond - 10
  • Green Iron - 60
  • Green Gold - 30
  • Green Diamond - 10
  • Purple Iron - 60
  • Purple Gold - 30
  • Purple Diamond - 10
  • Light Blue Iron - 60
  • Light Blue Gold - 30
  • Light Blue Diamond - 10
The PbP Genesis NFT is minted on the Ethereum blockchain and thus in order to receive this NFT you will need to have an Ethereum(ETH) Wallet Address. An ETH address will begin with "0x"

There are a few ways to create your very own ETH Address. Below are 2 options we have used in the past. 
There are other options out there but these are the two we suggest based on personal use. Please note that a Crypto exchange ETH address is not valid. It will need to come from a wallet.

Please remember the Crypto/NFT system is very volatile so always be very mindful, cautious, and aware of any transactions within this space.

Meta Mask is a extension that works with the Ethereum blockchain and can be used to store your PbP Genesis NFT.

Please visit to learn how to download and create your very own ETH Wallet Address.

CoinBase Wallet

Coinbase Wallet is another recomended extension that will allow you to create a ETH Wallet Address just like MetaMask.

Please visit to learn how to download and create your very own ETH Wallet Address.
PbP Genesis NFT Collection
Smart contract
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