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Are you a Streamer or a Viewer?

Are you a Streamer trying to stream Marbles or are you a Viewer trying to play the game?

1. Get the Game

Download the game for free from Steam!



2. Login

Click on "Select Platform" in the top right corner and log in with your Twitch account. If the "Shop" button is not grayed out anymore you are logged in and good to go!


3. Select a track

Click on the "Race" tab and select one of the over 50 tracks made by the Studio. Then click on the orange Race button in the bottom right to load it up. 

Note: You can also click on the "Community Maps" tab to select one of the thounsands of tracks built by community members. 


4. Start the Race

Click the orange "Start" button to start the countdown for the race. Next to the start button you will find a little arrow for a drop down menu where you can edit the countdown amongst other things. 


5. Control the camera

If you press Escape you will show you a list with all the camera controlls. 

- ALT: Toggle Playernames On/Off

 - TAB: Lock / Unlock the camera (allows you to unlock the camera before the race starts)
 - WASD: Move Camera

 - Q/E: Move Camera Up and Down
 - Space: Move Camera Up

- 1-0: Allows you to snap to marbles in position 1-10

 - T: Slow motion (use [ or ] to increase/decrese slow motion)

 - F: Hold F to aim at a marble, release F to snap to the marble you aimed at. (Activate Slow motion to allow better aiming)
 - I: Remove Player Cards

 - H: Toggle Hud On/Off


6. Add new Skins

The ingame shop can be found under the "Shop" tab and allows you to purchase Skins and Modifiers for your marble. On top of that you can purchase additional skin slots, the season exclusive bundle or the track builder season pass. 

In the "Customize" tab you can then costumize your marbles by dragging a skin and modifier onto one of your unlocked slots on the right.


7. Have fun and explore!

This is just to get you started there are many other features and settings within the game. For example:

  • Track Building / Community Maps

  • Arcade Mode

  • Tilted

  • Royale

  • Team Racing

  • Cinematic Camera


1. Join Streamers

Find a streamer on twitch that is hosting races. A good way to find them is by browsing the twitch category for Marbles On Stream.



2. Join Races

When a streamer is loading up a race (indicated by the countdown ticking down) type !play in chat or use one of the special streamer emotes shown on screen to join the race. 
Type "!play 1-36" to select a specific from the streamers loadout shown on screen. 

If you just type !play and you have a custom loadout equipped in the mobile app, it will spawn your marble with your loadout. 


3. Enjoy the Race

After you joined the race a marble with your name will show up ingame. Once the countdown reaches 0 the race will start and from there it is all up to RNG of how well your marble will do. 


4. Customize your Ball

Customize your Marble Loadout with out Mobile Companion Apps. Select your favorite skin, modifier and effect.

Available for iOS and Android!


5. Build Tracks

Download the game on steam and check out the ingame track builder to create custom community tracks that you can upload and share with your favorite streamer!


6. Get involved!

Get involved and participate in Events and Tournaments. to win cool prizes. Every Friday is community day where you can win exclusive skins. Also check out the event calendar and join our discord to get notifications about the latest Events and Updates. 

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