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Marble Fest 28

Announcing MARBLE FEST

The next Marble Fest will be taking place Saturday November 27th at 9am ET to Sunday November 28th, 2021 12pm ET and mark the end of Season 28. Join 14 streamers for 2-hour segments back to back to back... Once one streamer ends the next streamer begins! Each host will have 2 hours to run a Marbles on Stream event as they wish, at the end of 2 hours each streamer will award the Top 3 some PbP Coins and the Top 25 from each segment will win the Exclusive Marble Fest evolving marble. There are 9 levels in this events marble, you can win some of these levels during Marble Fest! Details on how to get all 9 Levels will be posted soon!!!

Below is a list of streamers and their time slots:

November 27th 2021

9am ET - @CM - Spooo

10am ET - @SiNiSTeRPLaNZ

12pm ET - @JensonRose

2pm ET - @TheGoochSpot

4pm ET - @SerTokes

6pm ET - @LTDigilusion

8pm ET - @Rozay

10pm ET - @Dadsandman

November 28th, 2021

12am ET - @Not_Ferrari

2am ET - @baX

4am ET - @CamWOW!!! | Golden X

6am ET - @Kroestt

8am ET - @D3Dex

10am ET - @KFrankNBeans

12pm ET - Spooo

Each segment host will have their own Leaderboard, so there are many chances for you to participate and win this exclusive marble skin!

(Prizes may take up to 24 hours for distribution)

See you there!!!

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